Thursday 31 December 2009

2009: not all bad

It may not have been much of a year for MPs, Newcastle United, National Express, Kerry Katona, Threshers, Corus or freedom and democracy, whether in Britain or Afghanistan. But at least it turned out reasonably well for South Shields singing sensation Joe McElderry and his many fans in the region; for Lord Mandelson, as he continued to accumulate titles and offices; and less importantly for the North East’s would-be representative in the surprisingly still-to-be-commissioned WhyohWhy Factor, as I belatedly acquired a wife and son. So it could have been even worse.

Even if you were among the vast majority for whom it was a thoroughly rotten year, there was at least the consolation of finally having some official objects for your Orwellian Two Minutes Hate: bankers. How we loathe them and their undeserved bonuses, while secretly wondering how we could grab a slice of the action for ourselves.

They now make even ginger people feel loved. And what do they do to try to claw back a toehold in the people’s affections? Announce that they are going to deprive us of our cheque books to increase their profits still further. These people don’t need to think again; they just need to start.

Originally published in The Journal, Newcastle upon Tyne.

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